We are the UK distributors for Bodyshaker machines renowned for their power and reliability.  Recommended by the IVTRB and studios worldwide.  Ideal for a home machine or for setting up your own studio.

Please contact us for more details or to try a machine or visit the Bodyshaker site for specifications.

Call or visit us now  The Barn, Rear of 102-104 Dunstable St,  Ampthill, Bedfordshire, MK45 2JP.  Telephone 07917 508901

email:   markpellett@hotmail.com

Vibration Training has been hailed as the new ‘wonder’ training. It is also known as acceleration training, because 15 minutes is comparable to working out for an hour at the gym. It’s also suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

• We  are members of the IVTRB

• We have the best machines in the world

• We are the only studio in the UK to have Vibra-Trains

• Our Programme is both highly safe and highly effective

• We have town centre location with parking

• We have the cheapest rates from only £3 per session

We also stock a wide range of products to help achieve your weight loss or muscle enhancement goals.

“I love Boditronics because not only do they taste great, but the ingredients are really high quality and use as little artificial additives as possible.  My favourite is chocolate Express Whey.”  Philippa Church

What does it cost?

Pay as you go                     £6

Unlimited Monthly Pass   £54